• Patagonia are suing Donald Trump

    Patagonia are suing Donald Trump ”I’m going to sue him ” – Yvon Chouinard Following President Trump’s decision to significantly reduce the protection on two national monuments in Utah, Patagonia has announced plans to fight back against the administration. The California-based brand has changed its website to a black page featuring the words “The President Stole Your Land.” …

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  • SET – Jack talks with Martyn Ewoma

    Jack talks with Martyn Ewoma Hows it going ?  Yeah all is well man You got any new projects planned ?  Yeah I’ve actually got a few editorials in the pipeline, most of them are personal projects which is ideal for me because I’m not usually as enthusiastic about other people’s ideas. Not that other …

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    SET – Marcus Cooks talks with Jack Set

    Marcus Cooks makes the best food on instagram !!!  Our friend Marcus Lewsley has a pretty sick CV, he doesn’t just chef up amazing bait he is also a full time Avionics Engineer. I met Marcus last year at The Basement Pop Up Shop in London. I thought it was about time we had a …

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  • BMW Releases a Limited Edition Blue M Bike to Match Your M5

    BMW M Bike to match your M5…. Well thats if you have a M5 ?  If the answer is no you might want to sick to your classic chicken chaser like the rest of us at Set. My bike was £40 for a car boot sale still rapid down the cycle path, but all jokes aside this …

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  • Set Store Logo Striped Long Sleeve Tshirt

    Set Store Spring Shoot – Blue Lagoon Beach 01

    Set Store Spring Shoot. The pictures show brand friend Nigel Mafa at Blue Lagoon Beach. All items shown are available online at  www.setstore.co.uk  Nigel wears Aqua Overdyed Sweatshirts  Set Puffa Jacket (Black)  & S Polo Denim Cap  Set L/S Stripe Tshirt Set Peach Overdyed Sweatshirt  Model: Nigel Mafa Photos : Jack Richardson Find more on …

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    WIKI (RATKING) – ICARUS   My favourite lyric in this song is in the last verse, Check out the video below for the full song. If you felt like I felt Nah you would melt my help Think at bes,t I should help myself Put this shit to rest, got the greatest wealth of twelve …

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  • Kanye West Outfit 2016

    Kanye West | Paris Fashion Week Outfits

    Kanye West | Paris Fashion Week Outfits Kanye west seen here with wife Kim Kardashian wearing Gucci, Adidas and a pair of Yeezy 350 Boost

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  • Skepta Black Polo Cap

    SET – Skepta Frisco JME BBK Radio 2016

    SET – Skepta Frisco JME BBK Radio 2016 Skepta wore our S Polo Cap in Black in November. Frisco from Boy Better Know is wearing the Set S Logo 6 Panel – White along side Skepta JME Jammer fellow Boy Better Know Members a few months later. Boy Better Know wearing Set !!  

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  • Set Store @ Glastonbury 2016

    With a colossal venue and a marathon schedule, Glastonbury is quite literally one of the biggest festivals in the world. Pretty much a pilgrimage for the cultured youth, Glastonbury represents fun, diversity and feel good vibes. A wet week in the build up meant queues were long but as the festival gathered steam, it became …

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  • Jack Richardson Set Store

    Interview with Jack Richardson Set Store

    Interview with Jack Richardson of Set Store JACK SET Interview with Jack Richardson of Set Store Even if you haven’t heard of Set before there’s a good chance you’ve seen them around. For the last four years Set have been gaining a cult following on social media and among street-wear enthusiasts, leading to the classic Old …

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