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  • How do we use our Dry Bags ? Lets show you..

      How do we use our Dry Bags ? Lets show you..

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  • How sustainable are your jeans?

    How sustainable are your jeans? Since the first pair was created in 1873, Levi’s has grown to be a multi-billion-dollar company, synonymous with denim products world-wide, with their iconic 501 considered a wardrobe staple. But what is the company doing to minimise their impact on our environment today? We’ve all heard the phrase ‘no ethical …

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  • Sustainability Matters

    Sustainability Matters It is becoming apparent that we are in the midst of a turning point regarding our planet. It’s essentially breaking, and without our help it cant be fixed. Most of us know we need to do our bit, and most of us are; ditching the single use plastic, or opting for vegetarian and …

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  • Skepta Konnichiwa

    Film Is Not Dead

    Film Is Not Dead. Though recent years have brought about the rise of digital mediums,  even the smartphone camera is nearing professional quality, analog technology is undeniably having a resurgence. More and more photographers, whether amateur or professional, are returning to shooting film, and some never stopped. Admittedly, there are obvious advantages to the digital …

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  • set store s polo cap

    Restock- Set S Polo Caps

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  • set store s logo signet ring

    Set Oval Signet Ring – Pre Order

    Set Oval Signet Ring – Pre Order Limited to 50 Pieces this standout Set S Oval Ring combines timeless style with a recognisable. Set S Logo Gold is 8k plated steel & Silver is polished steel. We do not use Zinc or Brass metals in our jewellery.  Sophisticated in terms of aesthetics yet tough and withstanding …

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  • set side bag black

    The ONLY bag you need this Festival Season for £15 – Set Store

    The ONLY bag you need this Festival Season. Designed to carry your daily essentials, the Set Side Bag is the perfect companion for festivals and everyday use. With it’s unique sling shape it has the ability to be worn across the front of the body, around the waist or as a small backpack. Key features …

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  • Princess Nokia

    Princess Nokia | Boiler Room was Crazy !!! Watch Here

    Princess Nokia Highlights from Princess Nokia & Boiler Room 

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  • lil skies


    LIL SKIES “SOUNDTRACK TO THE SUMMER” LUST LYRICS Get in my way and try to block me, I’ma show aggression Slide on your block like Danny Glover with a lethal weapon I fucked your thot, she gave me top, I guess that’s my confession Got no regrets, I made mistakes, but I learned from my …

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  • Jack Set

    Jack Set talks Skepta, Rejjie Snow and 1% for the planet in Depop video

    Jack Set talks Skepta, Rejjie Snow and 1% for the planet in Depop video. Jack talks with Depop about everything from the importance of Vintage Clothing to recently signing up with 1% for the planet and how skepta wearing set impacted the brand.   Skepta wearing our S Polo Cap The Set S Logo Cap is …

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